Barber shop in the Airport Guarulhos-SP

Meet our barber shop in the port of Guarulhos, our barber shop is designed as retro sophistication style and high quality service.

Barbearia Big Boss - Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos Terminal 2 Área de Embarque

  • Brazilian Biquini Wax

  • Nail Express

  • Brush Express

  • Hair Cut

  • Shiatsu

  • Massage

  • Beard and Hair

Our services

  • R$ 65,00

    Chief Court

    Male haircut with scissors, razor and machine.
  • R$ 55,00

    Capanga Court

    Shave the head with a special razor.
  • R$ 55,00

    Big Beard

    Designer to shave or shave.
  • R$ 60,00

    Big Boss Beard

    Beard designer using razors with special blade.
  • R$ 20,00

    Manicure I

    Cut and sand
  • R$ 30,00

    Manicure II

    Cut take off the cuticle and polish
  • R$ 90,00

    Reduction of Grisalhos

    Reduces graying in 5 minutes
  • R$ 90,00

    Coloring I

  • R$ 115,00

    Coloring II

  • R$ 140,00

    Coloring III

  • R$ 160,00

    Inverted Reflection

    Do you know what is mirror reflection? It is a technique used to darken only a few strands naturally and homogeneously bringing a charm to your image
  • R$ 110,00

    Hair Relaxation

    You know that cut you always wanted to make? and that that ripple in the hair always messed up ?. With the system of relaxation will allow that cut bringing naturalness to the hairstyle a perfect smooth
  • R$ 90,00


    Men also Hydrate! When you want to keep a hair or beard a little bigger, it is important to take care of the appearance
  • R$ 25,00

    Eyebrow Cleansing

    Have people asked if you are tired or angry? the eyebrow cleaning in the barbershop is different from the feminine where only the volume will be removed and the union of the eyebrows giving a look of serenity


Entre e fique a vontade!

A profissão barbeiro ao longo do tempo foi perdendo espaço para os cabeleireiros nos salões de beleza.
Assim os homens não tinham mais a privacidade dos tempos antigos.

Agora trouxemos para vocês um espaço masculino onde farão o cabelo a barba a unha com rapidez e preço muito acessível.

Horário de Atendimento

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Forma de pagamento
Débito ou Dinheiro

Horário de atendimento:
De Segunda a Sexta
Das 7hrs às 22hrs
Aos Sábado das 8hrs às 22hrs
e aos Domingos e Feriados das 8hrs às 22hrs
Endereço: Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos Terminal 2 Área de Embarque

Telefone: (11) 99672-1884 ou (11) 96721-884